CMDA Greater NYC responds to COVID-19

"At the Heart of the Crisis"

The Challenge

Even as early as March 2020, it was evident that healthcare professionals would pay a high price due to COVID-19. Numerous healthcare professionals contracted COVID-19 as they cared for the sick and the dying. In addition to the physical toll, we anticipated that the pandemic would have a significant psychological and spiritual impact on healthcare professionals. What we could not have anticipated was how significant that impact would be. Suicide of a prominent NYC Christian physician in April 2020 was the wake-up call and a reminder of the significant price being paid by embattled healthcare professionals.

Our Response

In March 2020, we started an online meeting called OASIS, a spiritual respite meeting FOR healthcare professionals BY healthcare professionals. These meetings are designed specifically to be a safe place for embattled professionals on the frontlines. We intentionally gather to worship, share, and pray together, because where the Spirit of God is, there is freedom and healing. These OASIS meetings have been a lifesaver for many of our healthcare workers. The OASIS meetings, which occurred twice weekly at the height of the pandemic, are still a spiritual respite for many in the greater New York City area and beyond.
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The Work Ahead

In addition to the OASIS meetings, CMDA Greater NYC embarked on multiple new initiatives during 2020.

To sustain our efforts, CMDA Greater NYC completed the RENEW Campaign in the midst of the pandemic, raising $150,000 by the grace of our Lord and the generosity of many supporters.

As we weather the second year of the pandemic, we invite you to continue partnering with us. See below for information on our recent projects, and how to donate.

What NYC members are saying ...

"It's been an oasis during these dark stormy times. It's been encouraging to hear from colleagues and share our stories, concerns, thoughts and our prayers about what we've been experiencing ... to be able to have others who understand us just because they are fellow believers in the healthcare profession."

"OASIS has become my prayer and praise small group that uplifted me and strengthened me during the rise and uncertainty of COVID-19 in New York. I am so blessed by the regular gathering of this beautiful group!" - LH (oral surgeon)


The national CMDA, in partnership with National Christian Foundation, set up a NYC PPE Fund to gift PPE masks to NYC healthcare professionals using a peer-to-peer distribution model. CMDA NYC raised, procured and distributed 4,000 N95 masks and 2,000 surgical masks to outpatient healthcare professionals in need during the months of 2020.

Addressing the mental health needs of embattled professionals

It has been our privilege to collaborate with Redeemer Counseling Services, CMDA Psychiatry Section and Alliance Graduate School of Counseling on several events highlighting COVID-19's impact on mental health of healthcare professionals. For our most recent event, "Under Duress," we were honored to have Jennifer and Corey Feist of the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes' Foundation join us. These partnerships have helped us raise awareness about the mental health issues facing healthcare professionals and encourage our overburdened colleagues to seek help.

Increasing Our Ability to Serve

Healthcare professionals have faced unprecedented challenges in the wake of COVID-19. Therefore, CMDA Greater NYC and its mission to "Heal the Healers" is more important than ever before. Your gift allows our staff and council members to better respond to the needs of NYC's healthcare professionals, share information and resources for weathering the pandemic, and spread the hope of the Gospel. Make a gift here.

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